Executive Interim Management

In the current economic climate interim management faces a significant opportunity to re-assert its value to organizations. Today, more than ever before, expertise in the management of change and transition is in demand.

Organizations increasingly see Interim Managers as a positive part of their overall recruitment strategy and we frequently place people into project management roles, mentoring roles (often very senior practitioners, on a part-time basis) or roles that steer organizations through times of change.

They are uniquely positioned to add objectivity and impartiality ; they have no vested interest and can focus solely on delivering the task at hand.

Our Transition Managers have been extremely successful in delivering business critical projects.



Interim Manager can add value to your company, in case of :


• Transition management,
• Change management,
• Crisis management,
• Project management,
• …


Our process :


• Intake,
• Selection of the Interim Manager,
• Implementation of the assignment,
• End of the assignment.




A highly flexible solution to your temporary and structured problems!